Actor Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide

Updated: 2014-08-12 08:47


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Actor Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide

2014: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. [Photo/]

What they say

John Keatings (Williams' role in Dead Poets Society) inspires his students in unprecedented manners through his teaching of poetry at the Welton Academy. So refreshing, so enlightening, yet somehow it carries a sense of sadness. It is as if Robin Williams has already paved a way for himself towards heaven.

Sina Weibo user Yangmingz

Dead Poets Society influenced one of the most important periods in my life. Like those students who stood bravely on the tables, I was also thinking about the meaning of life. I was learning to search for answers and to break away from the norm. I was in my best condition at the time, a time which I cannot re-track any longer. Now, people have changed, the captain is gone, and so is the old me. I pay my utmost respect to Robin Williams.

Sina Weibo user Nan Xue - editor of Hainan Channel,

Robin was one of my favorite actors. The biggest challenge and success in life is not getting those golden statues - it is to keep your feet firmly on the ground when faced with fame and gain. Robin was coerced and couldn't escape, so perhaps the best relief was a way out. I wish this great actor can rest in peace in heaven.

Kan Juan - Deputy Editor of Salon Magazine

I was very sad to see the news on Robin Williams' death this morning. When I was 7 or 8, the first movie I saw in the theaters with my father was Jumanji. From then on, I saw most of his films. He was part of my childhood and he brought me lots of laughter. He is my favorite comedy actor. Please, R.I.P.

ginaxiaoan - Sina Weibo user