Phoenix Legend's rise above critics

Updated: 2013-04-22 11:32

By Chen Nan (China Daily)

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Phoenix Legend's rise above critics

Pop duo Phoenix Legend: Ling Huang (left) and Zeng Yi. [Photo by Zou Hong / China Daily]

With each song that becomes popular, the pop duo Phoenix Legend somehow gains more fans but less respect.

The duo's songs have a wide appeal among fans, from migrant to white-collar workers, children to retirees. They also rank high in the must-play list of public places, such as KTVs, restaurants and supermarkets.

However, some critics consider their music rustic and meaningless. The duo has never answered back, but keeps releasing music that blends indigenous melodies with rap and dance beats.

However, they unveiled their upcoming Beijing concert with the title I Am a Legend, and a huge poster, which features the duo within an image of a soaring phoenix.

Says Ling Huang, the lead vocalist from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, who is known for her high-pitched voice: "It's time for Phoenix Legend to be high profile."

The duo has the numbers to back it up. Since they released their first song, Moon Above, in 2005, the group sold more than 6 million albums in China, and 10 songs from their four albums have recorded 1 billion online hits.

One of their hits, Most Dazzling Ethnic Trend, a popular track played as background music for aerobic exercises around the country, was even used by cheerleaders during a Houston Rockets NBA game in April 2012.

In four years, they have moved their concerts from the 2,000-seat Beijing Exhibition Hall to Beijing Workers' Stadium, which holds 40,000 people.

Phoenix Legend's rise above critics

Phoenix Legend's rise above critics

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