Karl Lagerfeld: I won't slow down

Updated: 2012-12-30 11:46


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Karl Lagerfeld: I won't slow down

Karl Lagerfeld has no intention of "slowing down".

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The 79-year-old designer - who is notorious for his controversial comments - isn't planning to retire in the near future and despite his reputation, insists he "can't be that horrible" because some of his employees have spent their lives working under him.

Karl Lagerfeld: I won't slow down

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Karl Lagerfeld: I won't slow down

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He told BBC News: "Why should I slow down? What a bore! I have a very healthy life: I don't smoke, I don't eat too much, I don't drink, don't take drugs. My head is like a crystal ball and I have no need of slowing down."

"You know some people have worked with me for 30 years and never had another job, so I can't be that horrible.

"I am a hired gun, even in my own business."

The Chanel mastermind is particularly keen to remain in the luxury fashion industry because he believes it is still doing very well thanks to consumers' desires.

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He added: "We created a product nobody needs, but people want. If you need an ugly old car, it can wait, but if you want a new fashion item, it cannot wait."

Karl Lagerfeld: I won't slow down

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