Online film a lesson in love

Updated: 2012-12-24 17:22


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Director Zhang Yuan unveiled his first short film made for the Internet, A Bed Affair, on Dec 17. The film premiered on most leading Chinese video websites for free.

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The movie is about a couple who have a fierce argument when the wife finds a condom is missing, which was actually stolen by a thief. The wife thinks her husband is cheating on her and threatens to divorce him, and the conflict leads to arguments over various issues including money and children.

Online film a lesson in love

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Online film a lesson in love

 Commanding role

Wang Xiaoshan and Sun Jie, who are well-known on Sina Weibo, a micro-blogging service, have cameo roles in the film. Wang has nearly 1.2 million followers on Sina Weibo and Sun has about 4.6 million followers.

"A bed affair refers to the intimate relationship of a couple. The bed witnesses their love as well as the collapse of the marriage," Zhang said.

"It's a short movie but I put as much effort as that of a regular movie," he said.

According to him, some details of the couple's quarrels are from experiences of his friends. Many families will identify with the movie, because the conflicts are those regular people might encounter in their lives.

"When a woman quarrels with you, it means she cares about you. If she doesn't bother to wrangle with you one day, you'd better think about it carefully," said Li Xinyun, the leading actress in the movie.

Online film a lesson in love


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