Chang presents timeless love ballads

Updated: 2012-12-10 14:08

By Chen Nan (China Daily)

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Chang presents timeless love ballads

Jeff Chang plans to spread the theme of eternal love in his world tour. Zou Hong / China Daily

In the last decade, the music scene has changed with various types of melodies and tunes flooding the ears. But Taiwan singer Jeff Chang believes that love songs are evergreen.

That's why the 45-year-old, also known as "Prince of Love Ballads", has kept to love songs ever since he released his first album in 1989.

In his upcoming world tour, titled All About Jeff - Love and the City, he plans to spread the theme of eternal love to his fans.

Chang says he is never bored of singing love songs.

"I'm very happy to be singing those love songs over and over again. I grew up with those love songs, just like my fans," says Chang, who has released more than 30 albums during his 20-year career. "I want to share and celebrate our experiences through my (upcoming) concerts."

For his Beijing performance, he will present the original version of his love songs, without remixes or improvisation, just like he did in his previous concerts.

Since his first concert in Beijing in 1998, the singer with a huge fan base in the mainland has been back nearly every year.

Acclaimed for his heartfelt vocals and melodious ballads, Chang has been named best male vocalist at the Golden Melody Awards, an established music award in Taiwan, for several years.

In recent years, Chang has been spending more time on dramas and musicals.

Chang presents timeless love ballads Chang presents timeless love ballads

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He was the musical director for a theater production in 2011, Listen To Me, Lu Lu, in which he also played the role of a businessman on the Chinese mainland.

"The show is about life's reflections and it prompted me to think about my own life," he says. "I am now at the best stage of my life: I have freedom to do music and explore other art genres."

Chang has come a long way. After winning a singing contest in 1987, Chang signed a contract with a division of Taiwan's Rock Records and shot to stardom with the release of his 1989 debut album Lie.

The success of his first studio recording led to two more albums that year.

After completing his military service, Chang returned with an English album, My Eyes Adored You, and a Mandarin album Know in 1992.

His career went downhill after he joined Sony BMG. Six years ago, he left Sony and started his career as an independent artiste, which was a struggle at the beginning.

 I had to face people as a singer and also think of ways to present my music, and at the same time, find people who appreciate what I've produced," he says. "I experienced a steep learning curve and it was very challenging for me."

Chang will perform a one-night only concert on Dec 29 in Beijing.

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