Justin Bieber threatened by thieves

Updated: 2012-10-12 13:33


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Justin Bieber threatened by thieves

The thieves who stole Justin Bieber's laptop and camera are threatening to release his personal videos and photographs if he does not meet their demands.

The 'Never Say Never' hitmaker was performing in Tacoma, Washington, on Tuesday night (09.10.12) when the theft took place and those responsible contacted him via twitter with their threats.

According to HollywoodLife.com, they wrote on Wednesday (10.10.12): "@justinbieber i got your stupid dms. i dont think so. gonna show the world. TOMORROW! (sic)"

They also posted some of his videos to YouTube.

They then added on Thursday (11.10.12) "notice us and answer your dms or we are going to put the other videos from the camera out! (sic)"

Justin was annoyed about the theft of the "personal footage", writing on twitter: "sucks when u take personal footage and people dont respect your privacy.

"yesterday during the show me and my tour manager josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. people should respect other's property

"i had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. #lame #norespect (sic)"