Cheryl Cole warns Ashley about autobiography

Updated: 2012-09-10 14:26


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Cheryl Cole warns Ashley about autobiography

Cheryl Cole has warned ex-husband Ashley to leave the UK when her autobiography comes out.

The 'Under the Sun' singer - who divorced the England soccer player in 2010 following revelations he had cheated on her with a string of women - has written an "honest and truthful" book about her life but decided to let her former spouse know about it so he could be prepared for the fallout.

She said: "(I ran some chapters past him) to give him a heads up."

When asked by talk show host Jonathan Ross if Ashley wanted any alterations, Cheryl replied: "It wouldn't have mattered if he did, to be quite honest.

"I just thought it would be nice that I gave him the heads up so he can leave the country two weeks before."

The Girls Aloud beauty - who is now dating dancer Tre Holloway - said she decided to write 'My Story', because she wanted to get her side across and let people know the truth about everything in her life.

She added: "I am just sick of other people's sh*t to be perfectly honest with you and want to say my own sh*t.

"It will be honest and the truth - from my own perspective."

Cheryl can be seen on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' tonight (08.09.12) on ITV1 at 9.55pm.