RTW winner Uta goes to Hollywood

Updated: 2012-09-06 16:24


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RTW winner Uta goes to Hollywood


In late September, 'Rock The Web’ winner, Uta, will be travelling to Hollywood to produce her new single. The most active fans of season one of the reality contest will get the opportunity to go with Uta to the US, sharing the experience of glamorous Hollywood with her.

Superstar Avril Lavigne’s producer Scott Spock is going to work with Uta on the track.

Uta told reporters that she is incredibly excited to work with Spock and she has been listening to all types of music for inspiration. She hopes that this single will be unique, and represent her own music style.

"One thing is for sure, the style of the song is going to be very cool with electronic elements," Uta revealed.

Uta won the competition on July 14 with an adaption of a classic Chinese song, "The Olive Tree". After working with Seth Riggs, the late Michael Jackson’s vocal coach, Uta’s music style developed and now has more personality. She believes this competition has changed the way she thinks about music and will have a great impact on her career.

Uta says the RTW competition meant a lot to her as an artist, saying that she still would have learned a lot "even if I did not win".

"This whole experience has made me think that folk music is not enough for me, and now I can make my music more lively and powerful. I even dream that one day, my music could embody one of Chinese styles and I can show it to the world." She developed different music styles and got new ideas from the experience.

Due to the similarity in music style, a lot of media tend to compare her with Chinese singer Sa Ding Ding, but Uta marks a contrast between herself and the famous Sa.

"I like her music, but I have no interest in religion because it is not my style. I hope to add more electronic and rhythmic elements to my music, including things like bells and hand drums."

Uta was born in Guangzhou and studied music at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. After graduation, she moved to Beijing and became a musician. Uta was once in a duo with a guitar player Hu Chen and became popular with other musicians in Beijing.

Before she came to Beijing, her music style was pure folk. Her songs have always been emotional and soothing, she works hard to allow her fans to connect to the issues she deals with through her music, and gain some solace from it. Uta likes her music to reflect her feelings and personal struggles. She has not always had an easy time in Beijing and makes a point of capturing this with her music. "Through my music, I can express the frustration of the big city."

During the competition, Uta gained the approval of musicians from home and abroad.

Chinese judge Ding Wei said after one of her performances, "This is a very infectious performance! Most of the singers her age are still struggling, but she found her own way to express herself, which is very lucky."

Ten-time Grammy Winner, American judge Janis Siegel commented, "Uta is the only true artist in the competition."

Producer Scott Spock showed his support to Uta, saying "Her control over music has surpassed all the other artists that I have ever worked with."

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