Han Han heads child trafficking micro film

Updated: 2012-06-21 10:31

(China Daily)

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The Lost, the country's first charity micro film about child trafficking, is now being shown on the video channels of Sina.com and LeTV.com.

Produced by Herun Media, the nine-part film revolves around Deng Fei (also the show's producer), an investigative journalist who initiated a micro blog campaign to find kidnapped children, and Zai Zai (not his real name), a former armed police officer who spent three years working undercover to rescue abducted kids.

Deng says that although the micro film will present some heartbreaking cases, viewers will find hope and courage from those who have devoted themselves to combating child trafficking.

The producer is writer Han Han, who says that, as a father, he hopes the micro film could enable more people to realize the seriousness of child trafficking and inspire people to do more about the issue.

The film marks the first work of The Power of Dream, Herun Media's latest micro film project, which encourages audiences to pursue their dreams.