The Legend of Zu

Updated: 2012-05-30 17:16


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The Legend of Zu

The Legend of Zu

Cast members:

Ekin Cheng

Louis Koo

Cecilia Cheung

Patrick Tam

Zhang Ziyi

Sammo Hung


The Legend of Zu, also known as Zu Warriors in the United States, is a 2001 Hong Kong film produced and directed by Tsui Hark.

The film is set in a mythical mountain range called Zu, which exists between Heaven and Earth. The mountains are populated by peace-keeping swordsmen, who can live as long as 1,000 years and fly with their swords.

In Kunlun Mountain, Dawn and her apprentice, King Sky, fell in love. When Dawn found out that the leader of bad swordsmen, Insomnia, attacked Kunlun Mountain to rule Zu and the world below, she gave King Sky the best weapon, the Moon Orb, and drove him away for safety. Moments after they parted, Insomnia defeated and destroyed her.

200 years later, Insomnia attacked Mount Emei. Grandmaster White Brows, leader of swordsmen on Mount Emei, sent his apprentice, Red, to save civilians living at the foot of the mountain. He met his friend King Sky on the way but were trapped by Insomnia. The grandmaster came to defeat Insomnia. During the process, King Sky was shocked by the appearance of one of the grandmaster's apprentice, Li Yingqi, because she looked very much like Dawn.

However, Insomnia actually pretended to be defeated to open the legendary Blood Cave, which was said to have inexhaustible evil power. Only the most powerful kung fu weapons, called Heaven and Thunder swords, created by swordsmen living on Mount Emei, could resist Insomnia. The owners of the swords, Li Yingqi and Changkong Wuji, were in a relationship. When they tried to combine the two swords together, they lost their minds for a while. Li Yingqi was saved by King Sky and Changkong Wuji was changed to another person named Lian Xing.

The grandmaster decided to go to another space to look for more powerful weapons. He named King Sky as the new leader, who was then defeated by Insomnia. Red was also controlled by a bad swordswoman. Finally, the grandmaster found something more powerful and King Sky also learned new kung fu. They destroyed Insomnia with Li Yingqi and Lian Xing.


Almost everyone praised the movie's special effects after watching it. But some said the plot was not attractive and were dazzled by the special effects and felt sick after within half an hour of the movie beginning.