Obama questioned Beckham's facial hair

Updated: 2012-05-24 16:37


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Obama questioned Beckham's facial hair

Barack Obama made fun of David Beckham's facial hair when he visited the White House.

The LA Galaxy star visited the President of the United States at his home last week along with the rest of his soccer team and the sportsman later revealed that the politician pointed out his excessive beard and mustache.

He shared: "He said, 'David, why all the facial hair, man?' I just laughed it off."

The father of four - who is married to fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham - admitted that he was thrilled to be ridiculed by the most powerful man in the world.

He added: "To even be in the White House was a big honour but to get a little bit of stick off the President was huge."

As a thank you he will be sending Obama some of his underwear, he revealed at the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular where he was being honoured.

He told 'Extra' presenter Terri Seymour: "I'm definitely going to send him a big box of it!"

Obama had previously joked about David's eponymous bodywear line for fashion store H&M at the team's third Major League Soccer Cup celebration.

He said: "It is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear. David Beckham is that man."