Memorable quotes from the Tony Awards

Updated: 2011-06-13 11:16


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Memorable quotes from the Tony Awards

Nikki M. James, nominated for best actress in a featured role in a musical for 'The Book of Mormon,' arrives for the American Theatre Wing's 65th annual Tony Awards ceremony in New York, June 12, 2011.[Photo/Agencies] 

NEW YORK – Memorable quotes from the 65th annual Tony Awards ceremony Sunday night at the Beacon Theatre.


"It's the proudest moment of my career. Being involved in something this important is I think a once-in-a-career opportunity. I'm so proud to be shouting out this message that needs to be heard, 30 years later. ... Being in political theater, being allowed to rage against the machine every night, I think it just feels great." Ellen Barkin on winning featured actress in a play for the AIDS play, "The Normal Heart."


"I really want to thank 'South Park' fans. If it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't be here." Trey Parker, on winning best direction of a musical award with Casey Nicholaw for "The Book of Mormon."


"I didn't expect to be standing here tonight and tried to write a speech and I feel silly," Nikki M. James in tears as she accepted the prize for actress in a featured role in a musical.


"It's a thrilling experience in the theater — it's not just terribly sad. It resonates as much today as the first day I read it around 1986. ... It's still alive, this play. It's not just a piece of art history." John Benjamin Hickey, winner of actor in a featured role in a play for "The Normal Heart," on working in Larry Kramer's play about AIDS.


"We quite like it when people cry." Tom Morris, winner of best direction of a play with Marianne Elliott for "War Horse."


"I can do eight performances a week but I can't read a TelePrompTer." Brooke Shields, who had flubbed an opening song with host Neil Patrick Harris and had to be handed a piece of paper with her lyrics.


"Trey and Matt don't usually write a lot of girls into their work. I was really honored to be the only chick. They're like my brothers," Nikki M. James on being in the mostly male "The Book of Mormon."


"Coming to Broadway next season, Moammar Gadhafi in 'Catch Me If You Can.'" Robin Williams.


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