'Sucker Punch' delivers solid jab overseas

Updated: 2011-04-07 10:02


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LOS ANGELES – "Sucker Punch" achieved the top box office spot in the international arena this past weekend with $10.7 million in 31 territories. Fanboys and girls the world over found much to like in the visual tour-de-force and the film is now on the cusp of a $50 million worldwide gross.

'Sucker Punch' delivers solid jab overseas

In this film publicity image released by Warner Bros. Pictures, Emily Browning portrays Babydoll in a scene from 'Sucker Punch.' [Photo/Agencies]

"Battle: Los Angeles" took second with $10.1 million as it nears $100 million in global receipts. Playing in a massive 49 territories, the film is invading theaters around the globe and drawing international audiences with its nonstop action.

Rounding out the top five is the marquee-busting film titled "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Steel Troops: The New Age" with $7.1 million in just one territory. After five weeks, the film has earned an impressive $29.9 million. Doraemon is an animated character and cultural icon that was introduced in Japan nearly 40 years ago.

Here are the top 20 movies at international theaters last weekend, followed by international gross for the weekend (excluding North America), number of theater locations, number of territories, worldwide gross to date (including North America), and number of weeks in release as compiled Wednesday by Rentrak Theatrical and provided by Hollywood.com:

1. "Sucker Punch," $10,708,984, 6,484 locations, 31 territories, $49,355,964, two weeks.

2. "Battle: Los Angeles," $10,072,455, 7,130 locations, 49 territories, $95,601,365, four weeks.

3. "Just Go With It," $9,731,448, 2,624 locations, 38 territories, $136,656,984, eight weeks.

4. "Rango," $8,551,269, 7,554 locations, 45 territories, $166,205,803, five weeks.

5. "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Steel Troops," $7,400,059, locations NA, one territory, $23,937,463, five weeks.

6. "Hop," $6,426,069, 5,578 locations, 23 territories, $49,316,940, one week.

7. "The King's Speech," $5,375,430, 3,371 locations, 35 territories, $383,880,907, 19 weeks.

8. "Limitless," $5,329,570, 3,540 locations, 14 territories, $79,284,418, three weeks.

9. "Gnomeo and Juliet," $5,252,844, 3,175 locations, 23 territories, $172,076,078, eight weeks.

10. "Source Code," $4,743,263, 3,960 locations, three territories, $22,135,128, one week.

11. "The Adjustment Bureau," $3,669,549, 3,192 locations, 29 territories, $103,316,060, five weeks.

12. "Let's Go Kamen Rider," $3,627,869, locations NA, one territory, $4,938,920, one week.

13. "Dangerous Meeting," $3,363,995, locations NA, one territory, $4,705,598, one week.

14. "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son," $3,271,612, 1,846 locations, 28 territories, $72,736,917, seven weeks.

15. "Tangled," $2,902,359, 1,012 locations, 27 territories, $563,248,166, 19 weeks.

16. "No Strings Attached," $2,825,192, 1,170 locations, 30 territories, $125,233,602, 11 weeks.

17. "King Naresuan Part III," $2,614,428, 267 locations, one territory, $2,614,429, one week.

18. "SP the Motion Picture II," $2,583,882, locations NA, one territory, $25,151,467, four weeks.

19. "The Rite," $2,456,547, 1,294 locations, 31 territories, $89,053,417, 10 weeks.

20. "Drive Angry 3D," $2,451,232, 847 locations, 17 territories, $33,430,735, six weeks.


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