International box office goes 'Green'

Updated: 2011-01-27 16:28


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LOS ANGELES – Expanding to 40 territories in its second weekend of foreign release, "The Green Hornet" nabbed first place and crossed the $100 million mark in worldwide revenue, proving that Seth Rogen has as much global appeal as an action hero as he did as a slacker.

In second place in the international marketplace, Clint Eastwood's late-arriving "Hereafter," starring Matt Damon, earned $13 million in 26 territories, which brings its worldwide total to $62 million.

Other notable news is that "The Tourist" crossed the $200 million mark in global revenue, with a third-place $10.7 million finish over the weekend as the film continues to draw international audiences in a chart-topping 52 territories.

Even before Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, "The KingÂ’s Speech" made its ascension into the top 5 in the global arena, earning $9.9 million in nine territories and a worldwide total that has crossed the $100 million mark. Look for this "King" to hold court over an even bigger audience this weekend as the news of its 12 Oscar nominations spreads around the globe.

Here are the top 20 movies at international theaters last weekend, followed by international gross for the weekend (excluding North America), number of theater locations, number of territories, worldwide gross to date (including North America), and number of weeks in release as compiled Wednesday by global media measurement company Rentrak Corp. and provided by Hollywood.com:

1. "The Green Hornet," $18,243,981, 6,984 locations, 40 territories, $102,847,377, two weeks.

2. "Hereafter," $13,002,528, 1,360 locations, 26 territories, $61,889,145, three weeks.

3. "The Tourist," $10,751,454, 4,008 locations, 52 territories, $205,193,660, seven weeks.

4. "Black Swan," $10,744,085, 3,196 locations, eight territories, $84,666,780, eight weeks.

5. "The King's Speech," $9,951,406, 2,324 locations, nine territories, $108,515,624, nine weeks.

6. "Tangled," $9,928,180, 4,303 locations, 33 territories, $407,593,133, nine weeks.

7. "Qualunquemente," $7,298,413, NA, one territory, $7,298,415, one week.

8. "Little Fockers," $7,082,967, 5,977 locations, 44 territories, $289,036,487, 26 weeks.

9. "Gulliver's Travels," $6,999,708, 3,377 locations, 32 territories, $140,504,446, five weeks.

10. "Love and Other Drugs," $6,513,690, 2,107 locations, 25 territories, $66,187,269, nine weeks.

11. "Yogi Bear," $6,186,268, 3,252 locations, 13 territories, $111,738,252, six weeks.

12. "Ma Che Bella Giornata," $5,859,548, NA, 1 territories, $51,744,980, three weeks.

13. "Samyy Luchshiy Film 3-De," $5,555,626, 853 locations, one territory, $5,433,496, one week.

14. "Immaturi," $4,526,640, NA, one territory, $4,526,641, one week.

15. "Season of the Witch," $4,427,054, 3,120 locations, 16 territories, $47,944,145, three weeks.

16. "Megamind," $4,300,327, 2,532 locations, 38 territories, $312,243,908, 12 weeks.

17. "Morning Glory," $3,742,814, 1,665 locations, 13 territories, $44,357,403, three weeks.

18. "Burlesque," $3,376,894, 1,042 locations, 31 territories, $70,099,588, nine weeks.

19. "Glove," $3,117,049, NA, one territory, $3,590,276, one week.

20. "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn," $2,902,911, 4,034 locations, 40 territories, $359,976,290, eight weeks.


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