Anne Hathaway talks of 'Love and Other Drugs'

Updated: 2010-11-22 13:21


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Q: How differently would you feel if you were sitting in the Oscar audience this year as a nominee, compared to last time?

A: "You are so sweet to ask me to go on that magic carpet ride! I believe I am one of about one of 37 actresses with Oscar buzz this year so I am actually going to keep my feet on the ground and say 'I will wait and see what happens.'"

Q: The movie also touches on the pharmaceutical industry. Is it correct you once overcame depression when you were younger without drugs? What do you think about the industry?

A: "That comment was taken out of context."

Q: Ok, the depression or overcoming it without drugs?

A: "I think we can avoid the whole topic."

Q: No problem. So what about the drugs industry then?

A: "I am wary of the industrialization of medicine. I think like most people I am actually pretty frightened of it. I also think in a lot of cases, the drugs are needed."

Q: So you don't reach for the quick-fix headache pill?

A: "I am not someone who reaches for the Advil easily."

Q: Moving onto love, how does one know when one is past the initial "drug" high of love and onto the real thing?

A: "Plato attempted to answer that question and people are still struggling for the proper answer. I don't know anything. All I know is that it requires vigilance of oneself to be worthy of love. When you have found the right person and you are in a place to accept it, I think it is a lot of work to accept love.

"I heard someone say the other day, some people are naturally brilliant at giving love and some people are naturally brilliant at receiving love...and if you are not brilliant at both, then that is part of the journey. And if it's the right person, it will be someone who wants that transition to happen for you."

Q: You joked about your former relationship with Raffaello Follieri on 'Saturday Night Live'. How important was it to keep a sense of humor about that experience?

A: "I think sense of humor is a personal thing. It comes naturally to me. I am naturally self-deprecating. I will go to my favorite Indigo Girls quote...You got to laugh because you would cry your eyes out if you didn't."

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