The 20th century heritage conservation forum held in Beijing

Updated: 2012-10-30 18:40

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The 20th century heritage conservation forum held in Beijing

Experts at the forum on twentieth century heritage conservation [Photo provided to]

The 20th century heritage conservation forum held in Beijing

Sheridan Burke, president of the ICOMOS ISC 20C, made a speech at the forum. [Photo provided to]

An international forum on twentieth century heritage conservation was held on October 28 at Beijing University of Technology, which launched the Chinese version draft of "Approaches for the Conservation of Twentieth-Century Architectural Heritage, Madrid Document 2011".

The forum was the sub-session of the previous meeting of the Advisory Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), according to Dai Jian, Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Beijing University of Technology.

The previous meeting stressed the significance of protecting precious cultural heritage in China. While 20th century heritage is often neglected by the public, it is also an important part of the heritage.

The 20th century heritage has not been well established, compared with heritage from earlier times, so the committee is trying to bring more public attention to that, Sheridan Burke, president of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Twentieth-Century Heritage (ISC 20C) said.

"We need to remember where we come from, and why our society has changed." Sheridan said.

"The 20th century heritage is very important, as it is closely related to our lives, and the future development of our society. Everyone is obliged to protect our 20th century heritage well," Tong Mingkang, deputy director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, said at the forum.

The 20th century heritage, produced in the 80s, includes excellent architectural heritage, industrial heritage, and other valuable items which have contributed greatly to society's progress and need to be protected, Dai Jian told the reporter.

In the seminar, the Chinese translation of the ISC 20C Madrid Document was launched, and the first Chinese version draft was translated by Yang Cheng from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology.

The Madrid Document was developed by members of the ISC 20C in 2011 and was first publically presented at the "International Conference Intervention Approaches for the Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage", held in Madrid in June 2011.

The ICOMOS is the only international non-governmental organization in the fields of conservation and restoration of historical relics. Founded in 1965, it is comprised of experts on cultural heritage around the world, and acts as an adviser to the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. The ICOMOS works through ISC 20C to promote the identification, conservation and presentation of 20th century heritage sites.

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