Love is all around

Updated: 2012-08-17 16:12

(China Daily)

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Love is all around

Marriage of the Fairy Princess presented by Anhui Huangmei Opera House.


Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Aug 23 and one way of spending it is to watch the touching folk legend Marriage of the Fairy Princess.

Anhui Huangmei Opera House will stage this classic at Guangzhou Opera House from Aug 23-24. Huangmei Opera is one of China's top five operas.

In the legend, the Jade Emperor's seventh and youngest daughter falls in love with a cowherd and decides to descend from heaven secretly. She gets married to the farmer and helps him shorten his labor contract from three years to 100 days with her excellent weaving skills.

As the couple are on their way home from the farm, the Jade Emperor forced the fairy princess to return to heaven. Thus, separating her from her beloved husband.

Huangmei Opera is known for being lyrical and lively, which can well convey the fairy princess's happiness of going home together with her husband. The play will present one of the most famous Huangmei opera songs about a pair of love birds on the tree that the couple sees on their way home.

8 pm, Aug 23 and 24. Opera Hall, Guangzhou Opera House, Exit B1 of Zhujiang New Town subway station, the interchange of subway line 3 and line 5, Guangzhou. 020-3839-2888.