The rare finds of Beijing Antique Markets

Updated: 2012-08-09 17:26


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The rare finds of Beijing Antique Markets

A blue Tibetan goddess for sale in Beijing Curio City. [Photo/]

The rare finds of Beijing Antique Markets

Antique boutiques line the corridor at Tianya Antique City. [Photo/]

Tianya Antique City - Posh Antique Boutiques

by William Wang

Beijing antique markets run the gamut in terms of style, and places like Tianya Antique City are a world apart from blankets on the ground, covered in dusty items.

The building is an imposing nine stories of boutique style stores, each selling their own specialty. Each floor has a long corridor, bordered in by window displays which seem like museum exhibitions. The feeling is admittedly a touch austere, but some of the individuals in the establishments are very friendly once you enter the door.

Tianya is perfect for those who don't have time to pore through piles of substandard or broken goods, as this market definitely has higher standards (and prices) than its competition. The market has implemented control measures to encourage the sale of genuine artifacts. A national gemstone testing centre is present to confirm item quality. It crosses one's mind that many of the objects for sale could be better protected in the National Museum.

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