Imbued with Emotion - Decoration Patterns of Classical Furniture

Updated: 2012-07-20 14:25


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Imbued with Emotion - Decoration Patterns of Classical Furniture

The second one is to use characters to express people's pursuit of auspiciousness, longevity, riches and honor and other wonderful dreams such as the "福(Blessing or good fortune)" design, "萬(ten thousand)" design, "喜(happiness)" design and "寿(longevity)" design are themselves the embodiment of people’s wishes to have more blessings and enjoy happiness. The "萬" design for example has integrated the nice implication of "being happy and auspicious for good" mentioned in Buddhism and is favored by emperors, generals and ministers of state as well as the ordinary people.

The third one is to use different animals or gods or goddesses from folk tales as the allegories for auspiciousness, elegance and nobility. For example, paintings with dragon and phoenix together mean that dragon and phoenix, symbolizing the love between men and women, would bring about auspice and prosperity, and there is also "two dragons play with a pearl". Crane is an animal with an auspicious sign for longevity and is often painted flying in the cloud in heaven profoundly affected by the Taoism culture. Silurid and fish used together means a better-off life due to their partial tones with "sustainable abundance" in Chinese language. Other animals in the 12 symbolic animals associated with a 12-year cycle are used in the decoration of furniture as well and have become the important pattern design in the classic furniture culture.