Traditional art Kheyameya faces extinction in Egypt

Updated: 2012-07-04 16:33


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Traditional art Kheyameya faces extinction in Egypt

A traditional artist makes a Kheyameya artwork in a workshop in Al-Kheyameya street in old Cairo, July 3, 2012. The art of weaving Alkhyamih integrates and attaches various pieces of colored cloth together to form Islamic ornaments, floral or traditional forms. Egyptians started practising this art during the Mamluk's Islamic regime (1250-1517). Until today, Kheyameya artists are still working at workshops in the old market of Al-Kheyameya in old Cairo. Having been inherited by certain families over hundreds of years, the traditional Egyptian art is now facing extinction for it attracts less interest to the young generation of most Kheyameya art families.[Photo/Xinhua]

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