Crosstalker Guo hosts new variety show

Updated: 2012-06-20 15:46

By Sun Li (

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Big time crosstalk performer Guo Degang will host a new variety talk show on, one of China's leading online video websites.

Produced by the site, the program, Charm You with Virtues, will consist of 52 episodes in the first season.

Every episode will feature Guo and two guest celebrities, who are either popular opinion leaders or showbiz stars. The trio will list the top 10 most-searched events on the Web and discuss hotly debated topics.

A standup comedian who has served as the host for various TV programs over the years, Guo said he would do thorough research for every episode of his first online talk show and entertain audiences with his banter with guests. 

The talk show will premiere on June 25.

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