London Book Fair features more contemporary China

Updated: 2012-04-17 14:32


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London Book Fair features more contemporary China

Huang Youyi, vice president of CIPG, visits the CIPG booth one day ahead of the 2012 London Book Fair.[Photo/]

In recent years, as China has become the second largest world economy, international society is keen to draw on the experiences of China's successful development. To help readers better understand modern China, China International Publishing Group (CIPG) now publishes more on contemporary Chinese topics.

Huang Youyi, vice president of CIPG, visited the CIPG booth one day ahead of the 2012 London Book Fair (LBF). He talked about his expectations of CIPG at this book fair and discussed the prospect for CIPG's development and operations abroad with the staff. He also talked about China's "going global" strategy for its publishing industry.

Traditional culture used to be a major topic for CIPG books at the LBF. This year, the topics of the CIPG books on display at the book fair, are more diverse.

"There is a connection with the improvement of China's international status," Huang said. "In recent years, CIPG has paid attention to contemporary topics. Of course, traditional culture is still one of the main subjects interesting to global audiences. China has become the world second economy, and its ruling party CPC has achieved great successes over the past years. International society is keen to study China and understand how it has achieved these successes in all fields."

Huang thinks that in the future there is still great room for CIPG to introduce more outstanding Chinese works to readers worldwide under the "going global" strategy.

"The 'going global' strategy is a tactical mission which needs a long time to complete," Huang said. "Rome wasn't built in a day. Progress toward mutual understanding has to be made in steps, rather than a sudden leap. We need to be patient and sort out all the topics. By thinking small we can exert a subtle influence on foreign readers. "

Huang believes that with China being the Market Focus of the 2012 London Book Fair, CIPG will have more opportunities to unfold its grand scheme.

Huang said, the London Book Fair, which takes place in springtime, carries significance in nailing down the copyrights transaction.

"A good year is determined by its spring," he said. "For Chinese publishing industries, even for China's leading publisher involved in international publishing, like CIPG, it's extremely difficult to publish all of its foreign language books inside China. Strengthening international copyright transaction and cooperative publishing thus become very important."

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