Trending news across China Oct 14

Updated: 2013-10-14 11:17


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Lei Feng is memorialized in his hometown with a 30-meter head sculpture, college freshmen are asked to give up their DNA, and Xiyangyang may be too violent for kids. It's all trending across China.

Time off for Seniors Day

People welcomed Seniors Day on Sunday, set aside as a legal festival. It is also known as Double Ninth Festival, a traditional Chinese festival celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, when people go mountain hiking and show respect to their elders. Many Internet users call for setting the festival as an official holiday so young people can get a day off to visit their parents at home. As many young people are too busy with work and life, it is necessary to offer a one-day holiday for Seniors Day, said one Beijing deputy to the National People's Congress, reported.

Bridge collapse at scenic spot

Trending news across China Oct 14


A bridge in Lushan Xihai, a national key scenic spot in Jiujiang city, East China's Jiangxi province, collapsed Sunday, resulting in 18 tourists falling into Zhelin Lake, after about 100 visitors rushed to the bridge against the advice of guides. The capacity of the bridge is 40 people. The 18 tourists received medical attention, reported.

DNA collection

At Binzhou University in East China's Shandong province, 5,000 male freshmen were asked to give their DNA samples to local police without knowing why, causing unease, Beijing Times reported on Monday. University authorities said the samples were needed to keep track of the students as thefts had been rampant on campus. But legal experts said it was illegal because DNA samples are usually taken from suspects or criminals.

Cartoon series considered violent

Trending news across China Oct 14

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, a Chinese television cartoon series that became enormously popular among children since its debut in 2005, was criticized as full of violence on Xinwenlianbo, the most-watched news program in China.

The show is about a group of goats living on a green pasture, and the story revolves around a clumsy wolf who wants to eat them. Internet users called on China to adopt a ranking system for animated shows to protect children from harmful content.

30-meter Lei Feng

Trending news across China Oct 14

A 30-meter sculpture of Lei Feng's head was put up at an intersection in Changsha, Hunan province, on Saturday, reported.

Lei Feng, who was born in Changsha, was a soldier idolized across China half a century ago for his selfless and modest actions.

Where are we going, Dad? wins praise

Trending news across China Oct 14

Hunan TV's new program Where are we going, Dad? won high ratings since it debuted on Oct 11 across the country. The program, involving sports and show biz celebrities and their children, was praised by viewers as full of inspiration.

Lin Zhiying, a popular Taiwan idol, and his son Kimi were viewed most positively, and viewers believed that Lin's efforts led to Kimi being lovely and well-educated, New Express reported.

Dogs are baby's best friends

Trending news across China Oct 14

A video of two Huskies helping a baby learn to crawl has gone viral on the Internet and viewers said the dogs were full of love.

In the video, the baby is encouraged by Mom and two Huskies follow him down a long hallway, reported.

Watch your step

A 17-year-old girl in Shiyan, Central China's Hubei province, died after missing a step and falling into a 16-meter ditch while using her mobile phone. A friend jumped in to try to save her and received a back injury. The dead girl worked part-time at a local hotel, reported.