HK allows elderly in Guangdong to have allowance

Updated: 2013-10-01 14:15


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HONG KONG - Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department Tuesday launched the Guangdong Scheme, under which eligible Hong Kong elderly people aged 65 or above who live in Guangdong province will receive the monthly allowance of 1,135 HK dollars (about $146) without the need to return to Hong Kong each year.

The department said elderly people who have submitted their applications on or before Oct 1 will receive the allowance starting from Oct 1 this year, as long as they have met all the eligibility criteria on or before Oct 1.

The department has received applications for the Scheme since Aug 1. Up to Sept 30 the department had received about 13,360 applications.

A spokesman from the department said if the applicant can provide all the necessary documents, the department will "generally be able to make the payment to an approved application within seven working days."

Under the Social Security Allowance Scheme, the Guangdong Scheme is to provide Old Age Allowance, on a monthly basis, for eligible Hong Kong elderly people aged 65 or above who choose to reside in Guangdong.

A Guangdong Scheme recipient will be entitled to a full year allowance if he/she satisfies the minimum residence period of 60 days in Guangdong in a payment year.