Probe shows policeman drunk before injuring baby

Updated: 2013-08-19 16:02


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ZHENGZHOU - Police in Central China's Henan province confirmed Monday that a policeman had consumed alcohol prior to allegedly throwing a baby onto the ground.

An initial investigation found that on the evening of July 18, Guo Zengxi took a 7-month-old baby girl from her parents and hurled her to the ground at the entrance of a karaoke club in Linzhou city after dining and drinking alcohol with friends at a local restaurant.

Linzhou police said there had been no conflict between Guo and the baby's parents before he threw the baby to the ground.

The child was rushed to a local hospital and later transferred to Anyang Regional Hospital for further treatment. She suffered multiple brain injuries, including a bone fracture and bruising, said Li Pengqiang, a doctor with the hospital in Anyang.

The baby girl was discharged from the hospital on August 5. Though temporarily out of danger, Li said the girl could suffer aftereffects from the trauma.

"She is very easily startled and clings to me when she hears cars passing by," said Ren Wenli, mother of the child.

"She is now very afraid of strangers and sometimes vomits," Ren added.

According to Linzhou police, Guo's family has covered the child's medical expenses, totaling 40,000 yuan ($6,540).

Local health authorities have arranged subsequent tests for the child in Beijing.

Guo Zengxi was also hospitalized after being beaten by locals at the scene. He was later punished with a 15-day confinement by the Linzhou Public Security Bureau.

Police in Anyang city, which governs Linzhou, opened an investigation into the case following netizens' anger over the incident. Guo was detained on suspicion of intentional injury Saturday and was transferred to a detention center in Anyang city on Sunday, according to Guo Fajie, head of Anyang Public Security Bureau.

In another July incident, a man killed a toddler in Beijing by lifting her from her carriage and throwing her to the ground after arguing with and physically attacking the baby's mother.