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Wild Beijing – Part 8: Huang shu lang

Updated: 2013-08-16 14:36
By chinadaily.com.cn

The last thing you would expect to find in an ever-expanding city like Beijing is Wildlife. But it's here!

In fact Beijing has a greater variety of bird species than London, New York and Paris.

This 8 part series will explore Beijing's wildlife and the people trying to conserve it.

The narrow alleyways of Beijing's hutongs come alive at night. But there is another hutong inhabitant roaming the streets looking for a late night snack. The yellow weasel or Huang shu lang in Chinese is native to Beijing.

There is much folklore and superstition surrounding this small mammal. In part 8 I explore the hutongs around Gulo Beijing to ask some of the local residents for their stories.

Written & Video By Alice Carfrae

Additional footage: Matthew Stinson Weasel

Photographs: Harry Few

Animation: Guillermo Munro, Alice Carfrae

Producer: Flora Yue


About Alice Carfrae

Alice Carfrae (b.1984) is an English multimedia producer and photographer. Currently based in Beijing China.

She works for clients such as The Telegraph magazine, The Welsh Rugby Union, the Youth Justice Board, Devon Life Magazine, and has been published by, Acuphoto France, bbc Wales Online. Alice Graduated from The University of Wales Newport in 2011 with a BA hons in Documentary Photography and is now studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University for an MA in International Multimedia Journalism, under course leader DJ Clark.