Pain lingers after Xinjiang terrorist attack

Updated: 2013-07-05 08:30

By Cui Jia (China Daily)

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Police post wanted list

Three days after the Xinjiang public security department issued a notice offering rewards for tips that might help solve cases of violence or terrorism, police said they had already received a number of leads and fugitives had begun turning themselves in, according to a statement released on Thursday.

The department also released a list of 11 people alleged to have connections with terrorist attacks and violent crimes. On July 2, it called on the public to hand in dangerous knives, explosives and propaganda material about terrorism or violent crime. The government will pay rewards ranging from 50,000 ($8,158) yuan to 100,000 yuan to those who provide information. Those who hand in knives and other weapons will be compensated to the full value of the implements.

"We must gain people's support and encourage them to join the fight against terror," the statement said.

The notices were posted around Urumqi, the regional capital, on Thursday, one day ahead of the fourth anniversary of the July 5 riot, which left 197 people dead.

Security has been stepped up in Urumqi. Checkpoints have been set up at the entrances to highways leading to the city. Special police at the Wulapo toll station, the key entry point for people traveling from south Xinjiang to the capital, will inspect every vehicle using the road.

"We have arrested some drug users and fugitives during the past few days," said He Huan, a special police officer at the checkpoint.

Although the inspections have caused long delays on the highway, many people have expressed understanding and support.

"My family lives in Urumqi and I want them to be safe. It's all about public security, so I have no complaints," said Zhu Xiaolong, a truck driver who waited almost an hour at the toll station. During peak times, the wait could last as long as three hours, he added.

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