Economic transformation bears fruit in Guizhou

Updated: 2013-05-21 07:50

By Yang Wanli and Yang Jun (China Daily)

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Circular economy

To minimize pollution and waste, the company processes the herb residue for use as a fertilizer. "We follow a circular economy that has been promoted by the local government for many years. Guizhou has a great number of natural resources and we have to make good use of them, while also maintaining sustainable development," he said.

Ideas such as this are crucial to the construction of modern cities in China. To better protect the local environment and prove worthy of the logo "Cool Guiyang", the municipal government undertook an important move in 2009, when the largest steel manufacturer was moved from the city center to Xiuwen county.

With a total investment of $2 billion, Guiyang Special Steel Co, established in 1958, is now building a new factory in Xiuwen. The facility, which will be fully operational by the end of 2014, will produce 1.5 million tons of special steels annually, mainly for use in military and high-tech equipment.

Economic transformation bears fruit in Guizhou

Guiyang Special Steel Co, established in 1958, is currently building a new factory in Xiuwen county. Feng Yongbin / China Daily

Wan Rongguang, the company's technical adviser, said that about 10 percent of the overall investment will be used in energy conservation and environmental protection. However, the green side of the business will also be a money-spinner. For example, solid waste will be processed into cement at a cost of 100 yuan per ton, and will retail at around 400 yuan per ton.

"We will also cooperate with a US company and use its technology to process solid waste into chemical fertilizer. It will create greater added value," he said. The company will also spend approximately $98 million on a new sewage system and a plant to recycle waste gas.

Unlike most heavy industry factories that are usually characterized by countless high-voltage cables and related electrical equipment, these will all be hidden underground. A massive subterranean system of tunnels is currently under construction that will house high-voltage fiber-optic cables and reduce exposure to electricity.

The relocation of Guiyang Special Steel has been doubly positive. It not only ensures a better environment in Guiyang city center, but also provides employment opportunities for Xiuwen residents.

The company is among a number of large-scale enterprises that have, or are planning to, site their factories in Xiuwen's industrial park, which covers 50 square kilometers. Local authorities estimate that roughly 15,000 jobs will be available at the park when construction is completed at the end of 2020.

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