Japan's remark on 'comfort women' irks China

Updated: 2013-05-14 18:33


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BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei on Tuesday expressed shock and indignation at a Japanese politician's statement regarding "comfort women."

Mayor of Osaka and head of Japan's Restoration Party Toru Hashimoto reportedly said on Monday that sexual servitude by women was "necessary" for Japanese soldiers during World War II in order to "maintain discipline" in the military.

Hong said the conscription of "comfort women" was a grave crime committed by the Japanese military and a major human rights issue that concerns the victims' personal dignity.

"We are shocked and indignant at the Japanese politician's remarks, as they flagrantly challenge historical justice and the conscience of mankind," Hong said at a press briefing, when asked to comment the remarks.

"How Japan treats its past will decide its future," Hong said, adding that its neighbors, as well as the international community, will have to wait to see what choice Japan makes.