A thought for elderly people

Updated: 2012-10-16 19:57


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Li Jun, 84, who lives alone, found a way to pass his time and keep his "spirits" high by being a nude model. But after coming to know about his new “profession”, Li's son told him never to visit his (son's) home again because he considered the experience "humiliating". The son does have the right to feel offended, but he should also understand his father's predicament especially because the latter lives alone, says an article in Guangzhou Daily. Excerpts:

Perhaps Li chose to be a nude model to break the monotony of his lonely life. His decision is not necessarily related to any artistic or professional pursuit. In fact, Li has said that his new job offers him a sense of happiness and makes him feel still useful.

Living a meaningful and happy life means more than anything else to senior citizens. Unfortunately, Li's son cannot understand this simple fact and realize that his father is not trying any cheap tricks.

People's physical abilities decline with advancing age, but that does not mean they cannot be involved in independent spiritual pursuits. Spiritual pursuit brings a meaning to senior citizens' lives and is a cause for joy to them.

Many of us still cannot understand and respect elderly people's independent mindset. People's twilight years could turn sour if they are forced to follow the value standards of their children. We need to pay attention to the spiritual needs of senior citizens, and respect their choices, values and dignity because they are part of their rights and their children's obligation.