China is victim of cyber attacks: spokesman

Updated: 2012-03-29 20:55


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BEIJING - China is a victim of cyber attacks, a spokesman with the country's Ministry of National Defense said Thursday.

Spokesman Yang Yujun said at a press briefing that the websites of the ministry and the Chinese military received an average of over 80,000 cyber attacks from overseas each month from January to March.

"However, we have never blamed any country for this," Yang said, adding that the Chinese side believes that groundless accusations only increase doubt and spoil mutual trust between nations, and do not help to solve problems.

In response to accusations that the Chinese military backs hackers in attacking other countries' facilities, Yang said cyber attacks know no boundaries and are not easily identified, so it is "unprofessional and irresponsible" to make judgements without thorough investigation and reliable evidence.

Chinese laws forbids hacking and any other behavior harmful to the security of the Internet, said the spokesman.

The issue of Internet security has become a shared challenge for the entire world, Yang said, urging all countries to work together to safeguard Internet security.

"We hope that all sides concerned will make more efforts to enhance mutual trust and maintain the security of cyberspace," said the spokesman.