CCTV tower’s German architect works on next Beijing project

Updated: 2011-11-14 18:36

By Xiao Xiangyi (

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Ole Scheeren, the German architect behind the iconic CCTV tower in Beijing, said on Monday he is working on another significant project for the Chinese capital.

Scheeren did not reveal the name of the building but said it is related to art and culture.

“I don’t know whether it will become another icon of the capital, but I actually love the design very much because it is so delicate and beautiful. It will be as important as the CCTV building, if not more important,” he said during a media gathering at his office.

Scheeren has become one of the most prominent foreign architects in the country after his work on the square-looped CCTV tower, which many consider to be one of the strangest looking buildings in the world.

“People may have a different view toward the CCTV tower one year later. It will be used next year and it will come alive,” he said.

The architect started his own studio one and a half years ago, after working with the Dutch architecture firm OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). Business has been growing fast and he is working to establish his Beijing office as the headquarters of his company, which employs 50.