Confidence in reform

Updated: 2015-01-20 07:44

(China Daily)

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There are two paths in front of us, one of division and the other of cooperation. It is time for leaders to choose the second through action. That's why the annual meeting in Davos has captured worldwide attention.

More than 2,500 business leaders and experts, as well as nearly 50 leaders of major economies, will gather in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, for the annual World Economic Forum.

China's views are of vital importance given its population and economic size, active involvement in international affairs and increasing global influence.

And the Davos meeting provides a good platform for the world to communicate with Chinese leaders, businessmen and thinkers face to face. About 80 famous Chinese businesspeople, scholars and officials will attend the event. Premier Li Keqiang will make a special speech during the plenary session.

The forum organizers have set up sub-forums focusing specifically on China's economy and foreign investment this year.

China's reform is a noteworthy aspect of the Chinese presence at Davos, because the international community believes deepening of its reform in economic, political and social spheres will bring more opportunities to the world.

China's rise offers an alternative, not supplementary, solution to the difficulties confronting the world. Premier Li will make that solution clear, and put it within the reach of the main decision-makers in the modern world.