Initiatives for a fairer world

Updated: 2015-01-16 08:13

(China Daily)

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Initiatives for a fairer world

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on China and Germany to work together to build the Silk Road economic belt.

Promoting global governance requires more deeds rather than words from big countries to ensure emerging market economies and developing countries have their say, and the interests of all are guaranteed. China's development experience and political wisdom can inject vitality into global governance and bring hope for improvement.

Statistics show the number of Internet users around the world hit 2.89 billion last year, and the figure can rise to nearly half of the global population this year. The Internet shows that we are a single community sharing the same destiny.

But the current level of global governance is far from enough to respond to the mounting global challenges that become more complicated. Geopolitical turmoil, terrorism, financial market fluctuations, and the other regional problems can easily evolve into global concerns.

Some old international mechanisms have proved increasingly unable to adapt to the changes taking place in the world, such as the widening wealth gap and climate change. Rules also needed to be drafted to regulate activities in cyberspace, the ocean depths, polar regions and space. These issues directly concern the interests of not only individual countries, but all human beings. What the international community urgently needs is an efficient coordinating mechanism to come up with solutions to the pressing problems.

China has been an active advocate of and participant in promoting global governance. The Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Silk Road Fund proposed and supported by China greatly contribute to the global economy. The BRICS Development Bank and emergency reserve mechanism developed with China's full support are effective additions to the international financial system.

China does not intend to overthrow the current world order; it seeks to offer new ideas and innovations, so the system better reflects the interests of more countries and makes the global village fairer and more efficient.