Constitution Day matters

Updated: 2014-12-04 07:37

(China Daily)

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Day that reminds to cage power

As a social covenant, the Constitution prevents rulers from abusing their power in hand and protects citizens' rights from being violated; in the modern world it is universally regarded as a fundamental form of governance. I hope Dec 4 can mark the start of defending China's Constitution as the supreme authority.

Mo Jihong, a researcher with the Institute of Law at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Economic Information, Dec 3

Proposals to set a Constitution Day first emerged when the current Constitution came into force in 1982. The day has not only a ceremonial meaning, but also symbolizes more effective implementation of the Constitution.

Zhengzhou Daily, Dec 3

The authority of the Constitution is defended, not only through a ceremonial day, but also through the daily practices of those in the nation's government and judiciary. For example, people's trust in the Constitution might be challenged when wrong verdicts are issued, which means it is necessary for judges to be careful with every case they handle.

Liu Li, a judge at Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court, People's Daily, Dec 3

Constitutions first emerged in human history to limit sovereign power and protect the rights of citizens. Hence a good form of celebrating the first Constitution Day should be promoting public education about their constitutional rights, so that people know better about their rights and State workers acquire a deeper awareness that their power is not unlimited.

Lanzhou Daily, Dec 3

The Constitution is the foundation of the nation's legal system, so respecting the Constitution is also an essential part of rule of law. Violations of citizens' rights have happened quite often during the past few years, and their common root is officials' lack of respect for the Constitution. The whole of society needs to establish a common value in recognizing the inviolability of the Constitution.

Han Dayuan, dean of Renmin University of China Law School,, Dec 2


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