More AIDS awareness needed

Updated: 2014-12-01 07:33

(China Daily)

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Start with zero discrimination

Luiz Loures, deputy executive director of UNAIDS said that medical progress has brought hope of ending the AIDS epidemic, but widening social gaps prevent those who need help most from getting it. Ninety percent of new HIV infections are found in 30 countries and regions, most of which are low- and middle-income economies that need international support to fight AIDS., Nov 30

It is a good trend that society is showing more tolerance to homosexuality - the fact that increasingly more public figures admit to being homosexual is evidence of this. However, for lack of preventative measures, same-gender sex has emerged as the main channel for the spread of HIV. Official data shows that 73.5 percent of all new HIV patients have been infected as a result of same-gender sex., Nov 30

Even after decades of education, many people in society discriminate against AIDS patients. This is not only unfair, it also causes patients to hide their health conditions for fear of being discriminated against, which in turns brings more risks to the whole society. The theme for 2014 World AIDS Day is "Getting to Zero"; so let's start with zero discrimination., Nov 30

Education on AIDS awareness falls far behind - a recent survey in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, shows only 40 percent of students received anti-AIDs education and less then 10 percent got detailed courses. The State needs to increase education and strengthen the ongoing campus health mechanism.

Beijing News, Nov 30

It is the common wish of every mother to have a healthy baby, but very few people know that a woman infected with HIV can have a healthy child, too, through mother-infant block. Chinese doctors do not lag behind in related technology but society lags behind in sharing the knowledge.

Ye Dawei, deputy secretary-general of the China Red Ribbon Foundation, via sina micro blog, Nov 27


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