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Updated: 2014-09-30 07:36

(China Daily)

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The initiators of the "Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong are actually aware their "appeals" are unreasonable and illegal. For them and the schemers behind them, their only purpose is to create a mess, hinder Hong Kong's economy and stability, tarnish China's national image and deal a blow to "One Country, Two Systems". "Occupy Central" is increasingly aloof from the so-called disputes over universal suffrage. It is an open challenge to the established system in Hong Kong, and a source of troubles and unrest.

Ta Kung Pao, Sept 29

'Occupy Central" took off its "peaceful" mask earlier than expected, and became a violent riot targeting the current administration in Hong Kong. The movement has instigated students to attack the police. The young people have become the "cannon fodder" for the schemers behind the scene. The movement threatens the rule of law and breaks public order. It is the responsibility of people from all walks of life in Hong Kong to protect their home and the rule of law, and support the police actions to maintain law and order.

paper.wenweipo.com, Sept 29

The organizers of the "Occupy Central" movement have staged an ugly performance in Hong Kong. They have abducted democracy to cause unrest in Hong Kong. Their anti-central government political objective is abundantly clear. It is known Oct 1 marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. They have carefully chosen this time to point their spear at the central government and challenge the current system in Hong Kong. The opposition forces aim at creating social unrest, paralyzing Hong Kong's administration, and embarrassing the central government by means of the "Occupy Central" movement. In a sense, the movement is Hong Kong's "color revolution", with external forces behind the scene. This is a game between powers against the bigger backdrop of the United States' "pivot to the Asia-Pacific", and an inevitable result of Hong Kong's internal affairs under the influence of the international politics.

Oriental Daily, Sept 29

The opposition factions swaggered to "overthrow Leung Chun-ying", intending to intimidate the central government. The central government should firmly support the Hong Kong SAR government in dealing with all kinds of illegal deeds committed by the opposing factions. Those who damage Hong Kong's rule of law should be held accountable.

Global Times, Sept 29.


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