Let reason prevail

Updated: 2014-09-30 07:36

(China Daily)

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With chaos from the "Occupy Central" campaign beginning to rattle Hong Kong's financial markets, and disruptions to social order in the city now clearly evident, it is high time to let reason prevail again over recklessness.

The 2 percent plunge in the Hang Seng benchmark index on Tuesday, initial signs of capital outflows from the city, the temporary shutdown of dozens of business and bank outlets and massive disruption to traffic suggest the illegal campaign has begun to take its toll on not only the economy but also on social harmony and stability.

Worse, a grimmer scenario looms after "Occupy" organizers openly admitted that the crowds in the streets were now beyond their control.

It is hardly convincing to argue that democracy in the city can be enhanced by storming government headquarters in Admiralty. It is equally unthinkable that a better society can be achieved with violent action against police officers carrying out their duties. It is also unimaginable that social harmony can be improved by bringing politics to school campus or encouraging young students to participate in street confrontations.

By now it should have been clear to citizens that what the political extremists really want is to advance their agenda by seizing power to rule Hong Kong by any means, rather than by promoting democracy.

The facade of democracy covering their campaign has been completely shattered by the fact "Occupy" organizers have over the past couple days started to promote the idea of creating a "shadow Chief Executive" in the SAR with an illegal referendum.

The events unfolding on the streets of Hong Kong have clearly demonstrated that street politics won't contribute to democratic development. Rather, they are undermining rule of law - a key cornerstone for democratic development, as well as social stability - the foundation of the city's economic prosperity.

This is definitely not what Hong Kong society wants in the current discourse on political reform for election of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage in 2017, nor is it the outcome the city's idealistic students have been striving for.

After all, the ultimate objective of advancing democracy is to bring improvements to people's livelihoods and to make a better society. It is time for participants of the "Occupy" movement to have second thoughts about their endeavors.

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