Cultivate core social values

Updated: 2014-02-19 07:05

(China Daily)

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There is a perceived moral decline in society after decades of breakneck economic growth, and the Party issued an unusually detailed guideline in December to promote core social values, including civility and harmony, fairness and the rule of law; and integrity and friendship.

As social reform has gradually deepened and the country has increasingly opened up to the world, people are exhibiting more diversified thoughts, including the decayed and outdated ideals of extreme individualism and the selfish pursuit of personal gain, said People's Daily in editorial on Monday. It urged greater efforts to promote social and ethical progress.

Social openness and freedom have been greatly increased in the past three decades, but this has been accompanied by excessive liberalism, which has harmed social morality. This can be seen in the unexpected online "moral support" for those engaged in illegal behavior in Dongguan in South China's Guangdong province.

There were comments such as "Dongguan, hang in there!" after State television exposed the thriving underground sex trade in the city on Feb 9.

The widespread online backlash against China Central Television reflects the conflict and confrontation between mainstream social values and the negative and ridiculous thoughts of some individuals.

The Party has called on several sectors of society, from schools to media organizations, to lead the way in promoting the correct socialist social values.

The recent government guideline said the core socialist values should be included in the overall national education plan and cover all schools and those receiving education. The values should be incorporated into the curriculum so they become a natural way of thinking for young people.

The media must also steadfastly uphold the correct guidance of public opinion. Radio and television stations should run more public service broadcasts spreading mainstream socialist values during prime time, and newspapers should give more prominence to such issues.

A positive social atmosphere should be created upholding the virtues of integrity and keeping one's word. Integrity, which is highlighted as one of the core individual values, serves as a lifeline for the sound development of the market economy. Commercial cheating not only causes public skepticism but also dents people's faith in others. Those who cheat others should be punished.

Promoting the core socialist values will make the nation stronger and help realize the dream of national rejuvenation.

(China Daily 02/19/2014 page8)