Prevent cyberterrorism

Updated: 2013-12-27 06:49

(China Daily)

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The threat of cyberterrorism has drawn increasing attention from the world community and become an important issue in the international fight against terror, an opinion piece in People's Daily said on Wednesday.

The rapid development of Internet technology has brought profound changes to the way information is disseminated, and cyberspace has become a strategic front competed for by countries around the world and an important tool enabling terrorist groups to conduct their hideous acts.

Last week, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution, which, for the first time, makes explicit requirements for all countries to employ specific measures to crack down on cyberterrorism.

The world is facing a common challenge in safeguarding cybersecurity. Terrorist groups have been using the Internet to disseminate terrorist ideas, recruit members, raise funds and set up a transnational network of terror. The terrorist attack on a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya, were organized and plotted by terrorists of different nationalities using social network sites.

Different supervision standards have become one of the main reasons for the rampancy of cyberterrorism, a growing challenge for the world. Enhancing dialogue and cooperation is the only viable way to meet this threat.

(China Daily 12/27/2013 page8)