Kate Winslet: My life isn't a soap opera

Updated: 2014-01-03 10:50


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Kate Winslet: My life isn't a soap opera

Kate Winslet [Photo/Agencies]

Kate Winslet: My life isn't a soap opera

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Kate Winslet: My life isn't a soap opera

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Kate Winslet insists her life "is not a soap opera".

The 'Labor Day' star is adamant her existence can be just as boring as anybody else's and even though she is a Hollywood actress her life isn't full of glitz and glamour.

She said: "Here's the funny thing: my life has always been, 'What's going to happen next?' I've always been a little bit non-conformist. My life is not the soap opera people would like it to be: in fact, it's not a soap opera at all. It's just life."

The 38-year-old actress has three children, 13-year-old daughter Mia, with her ex-husband Jim Threapleton, 10-year-old son Joe with her ex-husband Sam Mendes and newborn son Bear, her baby with husband Ned Rocknroll.

Kate gave birth to Bear on December 7 and she insists she isn't going to put any pressure on herself to spring back into shape quickly as she's more interested in being a good mother.

Speaking to the new issue of Glamour magazine, she said: "Having just had a baby, I'm not going to be thinking about my arse."

Kate is adamant she'll never hire staff to do the cooking and cleaning at her home because she wants to give her children a normal start in life to keep them grounded.

She explained: "I could have lots of people, who do the cooking, the driving, all that jazz - but I would be unhappy. I wouldn't want my children raised in that way."