Taiwan TV host Jacky Wu sentenced to jail

Updated: 2013-12-30 15:11


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Taiwan TV host Jacky Wu sentenced to jail

Jacky Wu hosts and co-hosts numerous variety shows, such as long running popular Taiwan variety show Guess. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

Jacky Wu or Wu Tsung-hsien, a renowned television host from Taiwan province, has been sentenced to prison for

Taiwan TV host Jacky Wu sentenced to jail
Zhang apologizes for violating policy
Taiwan TV host Jacky Wu sentenced to jail
A global stage
22 months with a 3-year probation.

The TV celebrity lost a legal battle that started last year when he was sued by authorities accusing him of corruption.

Wu lost money after investing in struggling electronic company, Alpha Photonitek Corporation, a couple of years ago.

He was found guilty of colluding with the former president of Lien Ming Mobile Technology, a local listed electronic company, and tunneling over 30 million New Taiwan dollars (US$990,000) from Alpha by forging deals between the two companies.

In addition to the prison sentence Wu has also been fined 3 million New Taiwan dollars (US$99,000).



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