Tiny Times 2 hits Chinese theaters

Updated: 2013-08-09 09:37


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<EM>Tiny Times 2</EM> hits Chinese theaters

(L-R) Actress Guo Caijie, author and director Guo Jingming, Yang Mi, Guo Biting and Xie Yilin attend the premiere for Guo's Tiny Times 2 in Beijing on August 7, 2013.[Photo/CFP]

Tiny Times 2, the sequel to Chinese best-selling author Guo Jingming's directorial debut Tiny Times, opened in theaters across China on August 8, 2013.

According to Sina Entertainment, audiences for the sequel were still a hit amongst young women in their twenties, who were still overwhelmed with watching lavish livestyles of the protagonists on the big screen.

It was also reported that those who have already seen the sequel couldn't get enough of the film and would like to see yet another chapter.

Most audience members thought that compared with the first installment, the plot was much richer the second time around and the relationships between the characters were more complex.

One male viewer said, "I just watch these kinds of films for fun. My parents may say the film is surreal, but I think those in our age group can relate to the film."

Tiny Times 2 raked in 40 million RMB ($6.5 million) on its opening day.

"80 to 90% of our tickets were sold out, even during the daytime," said Cao Yong, manager of Anzhen UME Cineplex.

"This is very high for a domestic film," Cao added.


<EM>Tiny Times 2</EM> hits Chinese theaters

<EM>Tiny Times 2</EM> hits Chinese theaters

<EM>Tiny Times 2</EM> hits Chinese theaters

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