What they say about her

Updated: 2013-08-06 13:54

(China Daily)

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It's hard to concentrate working opposite her. She is distractingly striking.

Nick Cheung, Hong Kong actor. His revelation is echoed by several male actors who had worked with her, including superstar Andy Lau.

Her beauty has eclipsed the fact that she is hard-working.

Jacob Cheung, Hong Kong film director

She is an A-list star and yet she is humble on the set, nothing like the bad press she unfairly received.

He Ping, filmmaker who directed her in 2009's Wheat

Fan Bingbing is capable of creating dramatic tension on the screen. She has a great presence.

Li Yu, female filmmaker who has directed her in three features

There are a few stars in China who are totally demonized. One is Fan Bingbing and the other is Zhang Ziyi.

Cao Kefan, a celebrity interviewer and entertainment show host

It is easy for an actress to possess either good looks or talents, but few have both. Fan Bingbing is one of these exceptions.

Chen Kaige, film director

She is not as flamboyant as she is made out to be. She is very serious with her work and is willing to suffer for her art. And she has the fine qualities such as perseverance and optimism that we tend to associate with an older generation.

Wang Xueqi, actor

Fan's own life story is enough to be made into a movie.

Peter Chan, movie director

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