His top 10 hits

Updated: 2013-07-31 09:19

(China Daily)

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His top 10 hits

1. East Wind Breaks: The start of "China Wind", Chou style.

2. Nunchucks: Chinese-style rap incorporating martial arts.

3. Blue and White Porcelain: Chou reaches the apex of his China Wind genre.

4. Adorable Woman: His breakout song.

5. Common Jasmine Orange: A tone poem or a poem with visual charm.

6. Faraway: Chou partners with Fei Yu-ching in a surprisingly moving, cross-generational duet.

7. Last Battle: Chou's foray into the territory of war.

8. Class 2 Grade 3: A school song with ingenious orchestration.

9. Chrysanthemum Terrace: Another classic in pentatonic scale, with its distinctly Asian flavor.

10. Listen to Your Mother: Chou's signature song of family values.

This top-10 list and its capsule comments are provided by Xie Di, a music expert.

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His top 10 hits

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His top 10 hits

His top 10 hits

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His top 10 hits