'Tunes of the post-80's'

Updated: 2011-10-15 14:47


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'Tunes of the post-80's'

Director Han Nongnong (L2), comedian Gao Xiaiopan (C) and cast members attend a press conference for the movie "Tunes of the post-80's" in Beijing on Oct 12, 2011. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

The world is exploding with creativity.

The musical comedy "Tunes of the post-80's", directed by renowned movie director Han Nongnong, is the first merger between musical effects and comedy in Chinese films. Gao Xiaopan, a comedian of the post-80's generation, and Long Jing, a rap artist, sparked musical chemistry on screen to exemplify the real lives of youth in today's world.

With the hippest rap, trendiest fashion, coolest artists, professional technology and eye-dropping cast members, "Tunes of the post-80's" is bound to bring on waves after waves of new experiences.

The protagonist, Dafa, is an orphan, poor and not-so-good looking bartender born after 1980. He joins a singing competition by chance, then experiences an alluring and challenging competition. With hard work and the encouragement of his good friends, Dafa wins hearts of the judges and also fosters his own love and happiness. He regains an understanding of where he stands in society and re-acknowledges his pursuits in life.

What makes "Tunes of the post-80's" unique is that sound technicians participated in the filming of the movie for the first time in China. The tracks were written to reflect movie scenes, and were also infused with prototype sounds from the natural world. The mixture of the two, along with some magic sprinkled by the technicians, gave rise to great music that complimented the storyline and changed with its pace and atmosphere. This unveiled a new objective phenomenon that most of us miss out today to draw viewers deeper into the story. Such an attempt has never been made in China.

"Tunes of the post-80's" integrates comedy, rap and foresights of moviemakers. Through the movie, you can get a clearer view of the lives of the post-80's generation. You'll also be touched and compelled by their emotions.

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