Taylor Lautner worries girls just want wolfman

Updated: 2011-09-28 14:30


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Taylor Lautner worries girls just want wolfman

Taylor Lautner worries girls are only interested in him because of his role in 'Twilight'.

The 19-year-old actor - who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the movie franchise - has previously been linked to Taylor Swift and his 'Abduction' co-star Lily Collins but admits he finds the dating scene tough because he never knows if women want him or Jacob.

He explained: "You definitely have to deal with whether girls are interested in me or Jacob. Sometimes it's hard. Time always lets you know what a person is really like.

"The fans love the characters and they would love anyone who is playing those characters. I'm just the guy who was able to bring Jacob to life."

Although Taylor and his co-star Robert Pattinson play love rivals in the vampire film franchise - their characters both being in love with Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart - he insists the rivalry between them doesn't spill over in to real life and they all have a great relationship off set.

In an interview with heat magazine, Taylor explained: "We've been filming together for three or four years and we've all become close. We're great friends and so supportive of one another. It would be a nightmare if there was any rivalry. Having to deal with that for years would be impossible.

"Robert's a great guy. He's hilarious and I think that's the thing people don't see enough of with him. I'm always laughing when I'm with that guy. He's hysterical."


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