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The world's biggest exhibition center stands proudly in Hanover, Germany, boasting 490,000 square meters of state-of-the-art floor space and for decades has been a pillar of the Western trade show industry. The second largest expo site is in the fashion capital of Milan, Italy, with more than 400,000 sq m.

Cover Story

Exhibition streak

China's blossoming industry is suffering from a lack of top-quality halls and uncoordinated infrastructure.

Expo paradigms get a shake-up

Gap in expo world that needs filling

Time to add more spice to shows


Antics of sons of the rich spark outrage

This month the son of a popular singer was ordered by police to receive one year of special education after assaulting a couple; and one of the four "capital playboys" - young men in Beijing famous for being from wealthy families and dating movie stars - was charged with firearms offenses.

State broadcaster adds new spin to news



Test of character

Keyboard-dependent Chinese are returning to school because they have forgotten how to write

Foreign-friendly skies

Adding a touch of fengshui to the Alps

Diplomatic Pouch: With Mike Peters

Plows, tough guys and real men



Venice of china

Shaoxing is a typical ancient water town where there are many rivers to cross.


Happy to be here

For an ambassador of "a very small country", Danish envoy Friis Arne Petersen juggles a lot of balls in the air.

Leading from the front


Literary beacon

Lu Xun is easily the most recognizable face of 20th century Chinese literature, the world over.

Last Word

Power of profit

Western companies can learn from management practices of firms in emerging economies