Beyonce Knowles' model compliments

Updated: 2011-09-26 11:46


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Beyonce Knowles' model compliments

Beyonce Knowles made sure to compliment every one of the models during her House of Dereon show during London Fashion Week.

The singer-and-actress - who is expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z - and her mother Tina unveiled their collection at exclusive store Selfridges on Saturday (17.09.11) and the models admit she was a pleasure to work for.

Leomie Anderson told vogue.co.uk: "The show was all about power and attitude and having fun which made me really excited as many shows only want models to display the clothes. When Beyonce came in, she complimented all of us.

"I told her how beautiful her collection was and how I really loved the feather accessory from my first look. Then I bent forward and tickled the feather on her face - haha! She was lovely and was glowing, an image of pregnant perfection."

Malaika Firth added: "Walking for Beyonce's House of Deron was possibly the best experience of my life yet alone my career. I never knew that I'd get the chance to work with her and I was so excited when she came backstage to talk to all of us!"

As well as the models, Beyonce and Tina also paraded down the catwalk, hand-in-hand to show off their designs.


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