Beckham puts cat ban on Victoria

Updated: 2011-09-14 13:53


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Beckham puts cat ban on Victoria

David Beckham has banned wife Victoria from getting a cat.

The singer-turned-designer is a feline fan and would love to add a moggy to the family's brood of pets - which already includes dogs Coco and Scarlett - but the soccer star has put his foot down.

The handsome athlete isn't keen on pussies and doesn't want one in their Los Angeles home in case it brings in a mouse.

Victoria - who has four children, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, nine, Cruz, six, and nine-week-old Harper, with David - told The Guardian newspaper: "I want a cat but David won't let me have one - he doesn't want them bringing mice in the house. He's a dog person."

While she isn't allowed a cat, Victoria couldn't be happier following the arrival of much longed-for daughter Harper in July and says she's so besotted, she can't bear to be apart from the adorable tot.

Speaking at the launch of her new Victoria by Victoria Beckham clothing line at New York Fashion Week, she told ELLE: "I can't leave her alone for a minute, I haven't been out without her since she was born nine weeks ago, she's too wonderful to leave."

And it seems baby Harper is set to follow in her mother's fashionable footsteps after a trip to Prada in New York on Sunday (11.09.11)

The 37-year-old star revealed: "We went in to Prada yesterday and she loved it. It was as if she was saying, 'Mummy I'm home.' "


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